10 Unintentionally Hilarious 90s Horror Video Games

8. D (1995)


D, a 1995 Sega Saturn and PlayStation horror title, is one of a handful of underrated classics from the underappreciated Japanese video game auteur Kenji Eno. More of an interactive experience than a true video game, D clearly took some cues from the at-the-time super popular point-and-click puzzle title Myst.

D—an obscure game released on an already obscure console—was perhaps a bit too far ahead of its time. Succeeded spiritually by modern titles like Until Dawn or the Penumbra series, D asked players to prioritize slow-paced decision making and riddle solving over minute-to-minute, high-octane horror thrills.

While this might have been a fondly-remembered gem, it is ultimately brought down by its blatant overuse of terrible CG FMV cut-scenes. Large portions of the game appear to have been developed by a team of students in an Intro to 3D Modeling 101 community college course, and it makes the experience much more outlandish and slapstick than it should be.

D may have been a commendable effort at the time, but its hilariously awful reliance on bargain bin computer generated imagery leaves it as a borderline comedic experience these days.


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