10 Upcoming 'Souls Like' Games To Play After Dark Souls 3

9. Eitr

nioh game
Devolver Digital

Set in the harsh climes of Norse mythology, Eitr pits you as a Shield Maiden, who must travel across the nine Norse worlds connected by the metaphysical Yggdrasil tree, battling her way through dark and nightmarish lands.

The isometric perspective may be more Diablo than Souls, but the combat is all about timing, stamina and reading enemy attack patterns. Watching the trailers, I particularly like the heroine's panting when her stamina's low, a nice touch that's seemingly been ignored by just about every other game ever.

As you level up, you gain new special attacks and abilities, having to choose between long-term upgrades and super-powerful perks that you lose upon death. Speaking of death, your stuff gets damaged when you die, imbuing the game with that Souls-like sense of consequence for dying.


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