10 Utterly Terrifying Video Games You Really Can't Handle


Evil within 2
Frictional Games

One of those rare titles that's just as unsettling and terrifying as it is cerebral and thoughtful, Frictional Games' SOMA begins with players waking up in a rusted underwater facility inhabited by robots and monstrous creatures. Further exploration into the facility's buildings and surrounding ocean floor area gradually pieces together the mystery of what happened to its human inhabitants.

Leaving you completely defenceless against the selection of freakish nightmares that stalk the facility, many of the game's most memorable sequences culminate in never-racking games of hide-and-seek as you frantically try to navigate the twisting corridors in search for puzzle items needed to progress.

While some criticism has been fired at the often frustrating nature of some of the more obtuse puzzles, playing through SOMA on its far more accessible Safe Mode removes these frustrations without sacrificing any of the chilling, claustrophobic atmosphere. The creatures may not be a huge threat anymore, but they don't become any less disturbing.

Complete with plenty of grotesque imagery that'll have you frequently asking "what the hell is that?", SOMA's story will also have you ask questions on the nature of life itself; culminating in an ending that'll give you existential nightmares as well as regular ones.


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