10 Video Game Achievements We Can't Believe People DON'T Have

10. Taking Names - Cuphead

Studio MDHR

Completion Rate: 92.46%

As was the case with Dark Souls III’s Ludex Gundyr, this achievement represents probably the easiest feat that a dastardly game can muster.

Cuphead is, first and foremost, a brutally difficult boss rush mode moulded into a full game. Some light run and gun stages are sprinkled throughout, yes, but the lovingly animated bosses are the stars of the show for sure.

This is what gamers sign up for when they jump into Cuphead. The title’s going to give no quarter and shouldn’t be expected to (bosses defeated on easy mode don’t really ‘count’). It gets you started somewhat gently with some relatively predictable foes in the first world, but those who aren’t up to the task will see their training wheels fall off and go careening into a ditch with the upmost rapidity.

Nonetheless, the game’s reputation precedes it and most players should know this. Sadly, the Taking Names trophy, which is rewarded for defeating any boss at all, stands at a 92.46% unlock rate on PSN Profiles, as with every other on this list) at the time of writing. This does not bode well.


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