10 Video Game Characters Who Deserved Better

9. Rose Marigold - Alan Wake

resident evil 8
Microsoft Games Studios/Remedy Entertainment

Despite its picturesque vistas, there's a lot of strange and dark things lurking in the shadows in Bright Falls, the Twin Peaks-esque setting of Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake.

Alongside shadowy monsters and an evil entity that's taken refuge in the town's lake, the setting has no shortage of oddball characters either. One of whom was the lovingly sweet Rose Marigold, who works at the Oh Deer Diner.

Out of all the characters, Rose is the least deserving of punishment, but she ends up getting the worst outcome of everybody embroiled in the writer's living horror story.

When players first meet Rose, she's instantly infatuated with Alan's arrival. She's his biggest fan and is overcome with excitement (she even has a life-size cutout of him at the diner). Though Alan is less enthused to be greeted by one of his fans, Rose means no harm.

Despite her good heart, Rose's fate was to be possessed by the sinister dark presence, trapping her in a waking nightmare. It was a sinister plot twist that was never explored further. Though with the end cutscene showing a still-possessed Rose, it's possible the newly announced sequel could shed more light on this plotline.


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