10 Video Game Guinness World Records That Will Blow You Away

8. Most Difficult Level Created In Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker fans are pretty hardcore: either they're producing levels that don't require the player to move anywhere and take them on faux-roller coaster rides or at the other end of the scale produce the kinds of levels only Satan or the genius Derek Yu could build.

Pit of Panga: U-Break by Alex Tan is one such level. Taking a whopping 11 hours to make and another soul-crushing 39 hours to beat, it doesn't resemble a conventional Mario level at all.

The level begins with Mario dropping onto a P-Switch which itself is falling through the air towards lava. Then it's up to the player to bounce through a terrifying gauntlet of skilled bounces: grabbing falling shells and springs, throwing them ahead of themself to advance, only to be met with saw blades and thwomps that need spin-jumping on to bounce over them. It really is indescribable and is best seen played by its creator.

Probably the trickiest part of the level comes a mere 30-seconds in, when the player has to traverse a room full of angry catapillars while bouncing across them AND throw-catching green and red Koopa shells, alternating between them.

See his Alex Tan's Guinness World Record profile here. The equally bruising level before U-Break was P-break, which can be seen here.

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