10 Video Game Hallucinations That Melted Your Mind

9. Michael's Acid Trip - Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Michael Aliens

Grand Theft Auto V breaks with its already scant grasp on reality when protagonist Michael's son Jimmy drugs him with ketamine, leading to one of the all-time greatest drug trip sequences in video game history.

Michael quickly succumbs to the substance, leading to him envisioning an army of chimps harassing him, before he's beamed up by aliens, stripped to his underwear, and suddenly dropped out of the spaceship.

The player can then fly through the neon-splashed night sky for a while before Michael crash-lands to the ground, after which he wakes up in a park with nothing but his underwear on.

This is just one of the several drug-induced hallucinations the player can experience throughout GTA V - you can also smoke weed and trigger an alien shooting mini-game - but it's without question the most mind-meltingly weird and out-of-nowhere.

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