10 Video Game Moments That Made Everyone Uncomfortable

Pray to your religion of choice that no one walks in.

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Team Ninja

It was all so simple back in the day. Plumber saves princess, yellow circle eats ghosts, inexplicably blue hedgehog saves world from rotund man.

Nowadays videogames have become an established medium of storytelling, alongside movies and books, covering a whole spectrum of emotion. We get the highs of beating games and resolving story threads, as well as the lows of character death and unhappy endings. It's definitely evolved from the days of Pong, that's for sure.

And much like any other form of storytelling, we get the cringey middle ground. The awkward bits that make you feel a bit dirty for playing them.

Whether it be included sex minigames (surprisingly not about Hot Coffee), erotica under the guise of volleyball, or some good ol' castration, there are always going to be parts that make us uncomfortable in some shape or form.

Sure, you might have an ironclad constitution and can take or leave these moments, but there's no denying the level of cringe they induce. But strangely, they're never enough to stop us playing them. I don't mean games like Hatred, that try and cause strife, but games that just play on our sensibilities slightly.

So get ready to fidget in your seats, this is gonna be an icky ride.

10. Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy - Interractive Sex Minigame

dead or alive kasumi
Quantic Dream

Remember how the San Andreas Hot Coffee ordeal became the talking point of 2005 when it was unearthed? Remember how controversial it was that Rockstar had toyed with the idea of interactive sex in videogames? Oh the outrage, won't somebody think of the children etc.

Seems quite funny now, but no-one batted an eyelid when Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy if you're not European) did it not once, but twice, throughout the course of the story. The first time was weird enough, controlling Lucas Kane's thrusts into his ex-girlfriend. No really, you have to time the prompts right for "maximum satisfaction".

So how could it be weirder? Well, later on in the game, Lucas convinces Carla, the detective on his case to get cosy him in a freezing cold subway train carriage. Oh, and he's dead. Resurrected but essentially a stiff, you have to guide the stiff in the same manner as you did earlier in the game, for the same result.

Whether David Cage was intentionally going for the necrophilia route or not, we'll never know.

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