10 Video Game Moments That Made Everyone Uncomfortable

9. MGS: Peace Walker - A Date With Paz

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Ugh. Where to start with one...

Probably at the bit where Big Boss takes a teenage girl out on a date in an attempt to see her in her underwear. Even worse, the date is ranked, so if you manage to get an S rank for doing so, your reward is being able to see all unique female characters in their underwear.

Oh, Kojima... sometimes you're just too weird.

In essence, you have to groom Paz by constantly complimenting her, taking photos of her and generally being a bit weird to earn her affection. I won't even get started on what happens when you equip a cardboard box.

Now, staunch defenders will be quick to say, "Yeah, but you can take Miller on a date too. What's the big deal?". Maybe love can bloom on a battlefield, but there has to be limits. For one, Kaz is an adult male. That's perfectly fine and above board.

Paz, though she may be more than just the innocent facade, is still a teenage girl. The lower end of teenage, too. Bleh.

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