10 Video Game Remasters That Pissed Off Fans

9. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

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Square Enix

Despite being a masterful follow-up to the equally magnificent Chrono Trigger, few people have experienced Chrono Cross. Not only did the Squaresoft sequel not sell well, this PlayStation title wasn't released in Europe. Until recently, it was never ported on any system, preventing gamers from getting the chance to play this unappreciated marvel.

So, when Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition was announced in 2022 for multiple systems, RPG fans were elated. Instead of getting a direct port, the gaming community were happy to learn this remaster had sharper graphics, an improved soundtrack, and the ability to disable encounters. It was also bundled with text-based mini-game called Radical Dreamers, previously unreleased outside Japan.

But anyone who played Chrono Cross on the PS1 noticed an issue with this so-called remaster. Whether you're playing on the Xbox One, the PS4, or the Switch, you can tell the frame-rate drops more regularly than in the original.

Although early reviews stated this frame rate's inconsistency made this version unplayable, this was a flagrant exaggeration. If you never gave the initial Chrono Cross a go, you probably won't notice this issue at all.

If you have played it before, you'll rack your brain, trying to understand how Chrono Cross' frame-rate was smoother on the PS1 than on consoles that are supposed to be a thousand times more powerful.


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