10 Video Game Sequels That Changed The Way You Viewed Characters

For better or worst, these characters were never the same again.

Red Dead Redemption - John Marston

Much like in cinema, whenever a video game franchise announces a sequel or spin-off title it gives the studio the opportunity to explore the world and its characters more.

Continuing a franchise can be a brilliant way of reintroducing the player to old favourites as well a bringing in some new blood to add to the mix. But what sequel would be complete without an insane character revelation that shakes up the entire story?

Whether in the form of a redeemed former villain, a hero fallen from grace, or simply learning the motivations behind lesser characters. Some revelations may not be so bold as to change the player's perspective entirely but instead adds more depth to a character.

As players get to learn more about a particular character it may change the perspective they had of them from previous games. People who were thought a lost cause or an irredeemable monster may turn out to be the player's next best companion and vice versa.

This list will focus on those sequels, or other continuation, that altered the way audiences' viewed a particular character.

10. DmC: Devil May Cry - Dante

Red Dead Redemption - John Marston

Dante from Devil May Cry has always been fairly brash and cocky.

During each of his appearances in the main series of games, as well as his anime debut, Dante exuded a cool confidence. In many ways, his sarcastic and stylish attitude is what drew many players to the game.

After all, Devil May Cry was all about rewarding players for stylish gameplay and Dante was a perfect fit. However, when DmC: Devil May Cry came around, developers Ninja Theory went with a slightly different approach.

As newcomers to the franchise, Ninja Theory had not worked on the prior games and treated DmC as a hardcore reboot.

Featuring a younger version of Dante, the character's abrasiveness was turned up to 11 and was much more arrogant. This portrayal of the previously beloved character was enough to turn some die hard fans off of the game entirely.

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