10 Video Game Sequels That Changed The Way You Viewed Characters

9. Gears Of War: Judgement - Baird

Red Dead Redemption - John Marston

In contrast to Dante, Baird's prequel outing actually made the character more endearing.

During the original Gears of War trilogy, Baird was an incessant thorn in protagonist Marcus Fenix's side. Constantly either complaining about either the situation of Marcus's decisions. The worst part was Baird was extremely intelligent, and boy did he know it.

With a condescending quick wit, Baird always had a bleak outlook on any given situation. The only person to stand up for his character was his longtime friend, Augustus Cole, hinting that maybe, just maybe, Baird isn't all that bad.

Then Gears of War: Judgement arrived and, despite being regarded negatively as a whole, shed some much-needed light on the character. Baird's prior cynicism becomes justified as he falls victim to a corrupt and uncaring government system that punishes heroics and damns its own people.

Going back and replaying the original Gears games shines a new light on Baird and explains why he's so negative to the would-be hero, Marcus.

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