10 Video Game Sequels That Played Things Way Too Safe

9. Bioshock 2

Call of Duty MW3
2K Games

We get to go back to rapture, and absolutely nothing has changed.

When you see how daring Bioshock: Infinite was and how incredible that was received, it's a shame so much time was spent revisiting Rapture for the sophomore effort as it was a safe bet fans would embrace it.

The big selling point was being able to play as a big daddy, but all this really boiled down to was being able to wield a plasmid and weapon at the same time, and your view is obscured by a helmet. In nearly every other way this is the original Bioshock's gameplay through and through with nothing injected into the fold to excite players coming from the first game.

Part of the greatness of rapture was the brilliant atmosphere and unpredictability. You never knew what would come lurking out of the deep underbelly of the ocean, and the first game unraveled each new intriguing part of the underwater city beautifully. In the second, you're just exploring everything you already witnessed the first time around and it seriously lessens the impact with the law of diminishing returns.

The developers were too fearful of changing too much, and instead gave players more of what was well received beforehand. That's exactly the reason it's completely overlooked by the first and third instalments in the series that did their own thing beautifully.


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