10 Video Game Weapons You'd Be Crazy To Actually Use

9. KLOBB - Goldeneye 64

Goldeneye 64

The Klobb is the kind of weapon that really excels in single-player, but completely falls to bits when it's transferred over to competitive multiplayer. In the campaign for Goldeneye 64, duel wielding these bad boys can see players clearing out a room full of goons with one pull of the trigger. While the sub-machine gun had pretty poor damage and even worse accuracy, firing off two in the general direction of a group of enemies was guaranteed to see them riddled with bullets.

However, that strength in single-player is the weapon's biggest weakness in multiplayer. While the competitive suite for the iconic shooter doesn't demand total accuracy on the part of the player, it does require more consideration than fighting the A.I. Usually you'll only find yourself up against one or two other players during a firefight, and the inaccuracy of the Klobb can prove to be a total liability.

In fact, you're more likely to recreate the scene from Pulp Fiction where Marvin misses every shot of his revolver than come out on top.

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