10 Video Games That Let You DESTROY The Final Boss

9. Osmund Saddler - Resident Evil 4

Demon King Ganondorf

Resident Evil 4 concludes with federal agent, Leon S. Kennedy, facing off with the Los Illuminados leader, Osmund Saddler. Saddler doesn't look like much at first, but Leon realises he has his work cut out for him when the hooded demagogue mutates into a colossal spider-monster.

By activating nearby levers, our curtain-haired hero can rotate steel beams in his vicinity, causing them to smash into Saddler, so long as he's standing in the correct spot.

After that, Saddler will be stunned long enough for Leon to knife him. Although Leon has to do all he can to keep away from Saddler, this is tricky since the grotesque arachnid can leap to his position in an instant. And if Saddler corners Leon, he's screwed.

Alternatively, Leon can cut the fight short, by hurling a couple of explosives at his opponent. Hitting Saddler with a grenade, a flame grenade, or a mine will render him momentarily paralysed, giving Leon enough time to ram his blade into the zombified beast. Using this strategy, players can win in two minutes flat, without getting hit once.

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