10 Video Games That Punished You For Being A Thief

9. The More You Steal, The More Cursed You Are - Enter The Gungeon

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening
Dodge Roll

Stealing from shops in Enter the Gungeon isn't as simple as just shooting the place up and running off with your desired wares - firing a gun in a shop will cause shopkeeper Bello to issue a warning, then double his prices, then finally open fire on the player and subsequently close his shops to you.

Instead, you need to use an active item to distract Bello, such as a chaff grenade, a decoy, or a smoke bomb, giving you a few precious seconds to grab your goods.

But even if you do successfully half-inch something, it comes at a cost: the stolen item will raise your curse level, basically making the game tougher to progress through as enemies become more frequent and deal greater damage, and item drops also become more scarce.

As such, you'll need to bargain with yourself as to whether that item is really worth the curse it will inflict upon you - it's an agonising trade-off indeed.


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