10 Video Games That Were Basically One Big Apology

9. GTA V

Resident Evil 7

GTA IV is one of the least celebrated games in Rockstar's mighty franchise, despite receiving enormous critical and commercial acclaim at the time. Some of the criticism levelled at it was for its overly serious and realistic tone. The city was drab and grey, and the story had a much darker tone than previous installments.

As a response, Rockstar made their craziest open world game ever with GTA V. Gone was the 'bland' protagonist, and was replaced by an upcoming gangster, a washed up actor and an unhinged psychopath. Although a comedic element has always been present in all GTAs, Rockstar went overboard on this element for GTA V.

Rockstar introduced an ambitious three character narrative, which was woven seamlessly into the gameplay mechanics. This departure from GTA IV was perhaps personified the most with playable character Trevor, who was a politically incorrect, depraved, unhinged maniac. Crucially, the game made no apology for his behaviour, and rather revelled in it.

Whilst the impact of GTA V has arguably been the biggest of any Rockstar game, let's hope we get a proper sequel soon, and not just a re - pre - expansion remastered edition... again.


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