10 Video Games That Were Killed By Executive Meddling

9. Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty/Into The Nexus

Brutal Legend

Insomniac originally intended these standalone games to be DLC for 'Tools of Destruction' and 'A Crack In Time' respectively. However, somewhere along the line they were chopped off and segregated into standalone titles, thus being ridiculously overpriced.

Containing diddly-squat, they doubled down on the recent trend of reducing overall content in the series, making minuscule games that would've barely registered as DLC anyway. Not to mention the fact that the confusing way they were marketed alienated audiences who simply didn't understand what the games were meant to be.

Worst of all, those who DID buy them were disappointed when the credits rolled midway through what should have been a first act.


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