10 Video Games That Totally Nailed Their Final Levels

These really did save the best for last.

Satisfying endings and conclusions are essential to great games - what's the point in investing time in a twenty hour plus journey when it's going to end on a big anti-climax? Thankfully, it's very rare that games end on a disappointing note nowadays, as cinema's ever-growing influence on gaming ensures developers strive to create experiences that satisfy from start to finish. Still, some go above and beyond to deliver final levels and scenes which stun, shock and delight. Playing something and feeling like the best is both unravelling before you and hopefully still to come is a great sensation - and it's those titles that capitalise on this that end up prompting some of the best discussions after the credits roll. A great method of encouraging these debates is to make sure the final section of a game provides the biggest and most satisfying challenge you've faced up to that point. Alternatively, titles could showcase their cinematic flair and leave the player with a highly memorable final sequence which dominates their minds for days after. Whatever it takes to make a truly awesome final level, the ten games featured in this article did it. If you can think of any others which deserve recognition for their exceptional closing levels, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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