10 Video Games We'll Be Ashamed To Tell Our Kids About

9. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (No Russian)

CoD Modern Warfare 2 No Russian
Infinity Ward

As the years go by and more sequels get churned out, the series will become known less for its incredible genre-defining gameplay and multiplayer, and more for simply pulling a FIFA; simply re-skinning the same game every year for the sake of sales.

In addition to this though, and because ever since this particular section there's not been anything anywhere near the same level of controversy or engagement, Modern Warfare 2's 'No Russian' airport level lingers in the memory as a weird stepping stone between games being big, dumb action titles made for kids, and the immersive artistic experiences that popularised last year.

It's fairly clear what Infinity Ward were trying to do in putting you in control of an undercover operative who's amongst a group of terrorists as a firefight breaks out, but due to the overblown nature of COD as a series, nobody was looking to it to deliver anything remotely philosophical or thoughtful. The main idea behind the level was to question how easily you would pull the trigger on thousands of innocent civilians - under the in-game guise of maintaining your cover.

However the level itself is flagged with a warning in the game, allowing you to opt out if you please. In doing so though, it peaks curiosity for first-time players about what's on the other side of this question, presenting the content in a way that comes across more as "How much of this can you stomach?" rather than anything more meaningful.

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