10 Video Games Where Evil Won

9. Shadow Of The Colossus

Dead Space 3 Ending
Team ICO

Shadow of the Colossus is one of gaming’s most expressive works. Initially released in 2005 before receiving a full PS4 remake 2 years ago, you play as Wander, a young man attempting to save Mono, a maiden sacrificed after she was believed to have a cursed destiny.

Entering a forbidden land on horseback, he seeks to make a deal with the Dormin, a mysterious entity with an alleged power to revive the dead. In exchange for reviving Mono, the Dormin inform Wander that he must destroy the 16 Colossi that scatter the land to enable this.

Except that’s not quite the Dormin’s only reason for asking. The Colossi deaths take a great physical toll on Wander as each one is slain but upon killing the last Colossi, it becomes clear that Wander has been deceived.

Each containing individual essence of Dormin, every Colossi death led to Dormin’s revival and they consume Wander’s body, turning him into a shadow giant. Though defeated by shaman Lord Emon, Wander’s blind love for Mono led to their revival and sealed his fate.

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