10 Video Games Where You Can Betray EVERYONE (And Get Rewarded)

No one will like you, but at least you'll be rich??

baldurs gate 3
Larian Studios

Games are usually about being the hero, but that doesn't mean you can try a different approach. Instead of working with everyone to save the day, you can try backstabbing every single person you meet, burning all the bridges, and becoming the public enemy number one.

Typically, games don't reward their players for creating an enemy out of everyone, but there are actually quite a few exceptions to this rule as well. These types of games don't just provide you with the means of crossing all the people and factions in their world - they also reward you for doing it successfully.

The greater the scope of broken hearts and trust you create, the better the prize. Sometimes it's a cash bonus, sometimes a unique item, or a powerful buff.

With enough moral flexibility and a penchant for finding opportunities to profit from other people's misfortune, the following titles can make you rich, powerful, or both.

Once you're done, no one, be it an NPC or another player, will ever be able to trust another person in their life, but especially you.

10. Gallows Brothers - Kingdom Come: Deliverance

baldurs gate 3
Warhorse Studio

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an RPG that isn’t afraid to let the player do whatever they want, even if it means betraying every single NPC in the game and/or getting them killed.

Pretty much every quest and interaction in the game lets you betray the people who help you and even trust you, but what’s more important is that in some cases, the game will even reward your terrible behavior. As is the case with the quest “Gallows Brothers.”

In the quest, your character Henry helps a crooked innkeeper, Andrew, steal three thousand silver from a local quarry as his old friends, Matthew and Fritz, try to do the same thing.

The quest has several outcomes. You can finish the job with your friends and gain Andrew’s trust, you can snitch on Andrew and split the three thousand with Matthew or Fritz... or, if you’re a greedy, heartless bastard - incriminate everyone involved, have them lynched, and then keep all of the stolen money for yourself.

The last option is so treacherous that the game even awards you with an achievement called “Judas.”

It's quite fitting, considering you literally sold your friends out for a bag of silver coins.


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