10 Video Games That Will Be Released Annually Until The End Of Time

10. Magic: The Gathering

Despite the ever increasing popularity of virtual entertainment, trading card game Magic: The Gathering has maintained a strong, dedicated fanbase. Helping to keep players invested is the Duels Of The Planeswalkers series - an annually released game series which usually arrives sometime in the summer months. A virtual version of Magic, Duels Of The Planeswalkers focuses less on collecting and more on battling. There's a series of challenges and story battles which players can take part in, unlocking new decks and new cards along the way. Interestingly, earlier versions featured a puzzle mode which tasked players with finishing off an opponent, using a specific set of cards in a limited number of turns - it's a pretty neat way to master the game, though it's mysteriously missing in the 2015 version. The loss of the puzzle mode isn't the only thing that's rubbed fans up; the dreaded micro-transactions are starting to take a hold of the series. Some cards can only be obtained through booster packs bought with real-life money - the chances of completing a collection and re-creating a real-life deck grow slimmer as a result. However, Blizzard's Hearthstone has brought virtual card games to the forefront once more - Magic's enduring popularity will probably see it ride that wave of popularity for some time. If it brings back some requested features and limits the amount of real money people have to spend, it could be a series worth sticking with year after year.
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