10 Video Games With Unique Art Styles You Need To See

7. Shadow Of The Colossus

XIII game
Team ICO

Regular readers may notice that I bang the drum over the Shadow of the Colossus 2018 remake so much there's no skin left to bang. However, this time it's a little different.

Instead, I'm going back to its original release way in 2005, simply because of how impressive it was the first time around. Sure, it had some clipping issues and the controls were a nightmare to get used to, but put that aside to appreciate what Team ICO set out to achieve.

A perfect example of minimal narrative against a massive scope, SotC redefined the open world template by keeping your objective simple: take out the titular colossi.

The beauty lies in the vastness that you can explore, should you wander off the beaten track. For a PS2 title, it was a technical feat unlike anything we'd seen, and this is before we'd even got to a colossus.

Each of the sixteen different sentient beasties were animated beautifully, making each a unique experience over a standard "boss rush" battle. Naturally the 2018 version retains this beauty, but credit to where it came from is definitely due.

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