10 Ways Far Cry 5 Will Save The Franchise

We haven't had a truly great Far Cry game in six years.


Over the years, the Far Cry franchise has slowly become one of the best properties under the Ubisoft banner. Always experimenting with new ideas and pushing the open world genre forward (seriously, it's ridiculous how many staples the industry still relies on that were popularised in Far Cry 3, then conceptualised in its predecessor). Where others have succumbed to sandbox fatigue, this series has always thrived.

Recently though, the franchise's stock has wavered, with the fourth game feeling like an all-too-familiar retread, and spin-off Primal failing to capture much attention at all. However, while those two missteps haven't derailed Far Cry entirely, everything is riding on the upcoming numbered instalment to prove to fans that the developers still have what it takes to deliver an innovative, worthwhile open world experience.

Fortunately, despite some controversy here and there, it seems as though everything is lining up for the fifth game to be one of the best entries in the franchise yet. The new American setting has allowed the devs to go nuts, revolutionising the formula to ensure that Far Cry 5 won't coast by on past glory.


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