10 Worst Celebrity Video Game Performances

9. 50 Cent – Blood On The Sand

Ghostbusters Bill Murray
Swordfish Studios

Anyone who saw his acting work in Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ or Escape Plan could tell you 50 Cent has a somewhat limited range as a performer. His monotone delivery also infected his video game work, including vanity project Blood On The Sand.

The “plot” has 50 playing a rap concert in the Middle East, and being paid with a diamond encrusted skull. This skull is soon stolen by a terrorist group, and Fiddy then has to shoot his way through them to get it back. In the right hands the game could have been silly fun, but the gameplay is a dull and repetitive shooter, and 50 sounds miscast even though he’s playing himself.

He gives no life or emotion to any line reading, which honestly becomes funny after awhile. Hearing Mr. Cent talk about how angry he is, whilst remaining completely emotionless, makes for a fun juxtaposition.


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