10 Worst Video Game Tutorials Everyone Hated

Utterly mind-numbing.

Mario and Luigi Dream Team

Video game tutorials are a difficult art for developers to master - they're necessary to acquaint players with a game's specific mechanics and systems, but preventing them from coming off as dry or dull is no easy feat.

There are only a handful of truly brilliant, memorable tutorials out there: Metal Gear Solid's opening dock sequence, for instance, is perhaps the ultimate example of an intuitive and entertaining tutorial cleverly baked into the game's story.

But great tutorials are hard to come by, and bad ones are unfortunately in over-abundant supply.

Yet in the case of these 10 games, developers had to put in a concerted amount of effort to actively piss players off with tutorials ill-fitting their purpose.

Rather than swiftly and efficiently bringing players up to speed, these atrocious tutorials bombarded them with excessively difficult and poorly explained tasks which often gated off main content, as well as outrageous hand-holding which came off as totally patronising.

These awful tutorials are textbook examples of how not to give players a gentle, inviting introduction to a game, and some are even terrible enough they left many swearing the rest of the game off entirely...

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