10 Worst Video Game Tutorials Everyone Hated

10. Driver

Driver Tutorial
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Let's kick things off with one of the most infamously punishing video game tutorials of all time - the opening "driving test" from the 1991 PS1 classic Driver.

The tutorial takes place in a garage, with players given merely a minute to pull off nine scarcely-explained vehicular manoeuvers.

If you played this as a kid, what hope in hell did you have of knowing what "slalom" or "reverse 180" meant, let alone actually pulling them off?

It's a tutorial which wasn't only the toughest "mission" in the game until the final one, but was so damn infuriating many never even got past it - or not without the help of an older sibling or parent, at least.

Given that Driver came out shortly before a major uptick in worldwide Internet adoption - which put video game walkthroughs at everyone's fingertips - its absurd lack of specificity regarding the tasks it asked the player to do was unforgivable. Atrocious.

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