10 Worst Video Games To 100%

9. Batman: Arkham Knight

Assassin's Creed Valhalla

Oh the Riddler trophies. Those genius, fantastic, absolutely awful Riddler trophies.

Having Riddler's involvement in the Arkham series connected to the collectables of the games was a great idea, but after the first title, they went absolutely berserk when it came to actually collecting them all.

This is most apparent in Arkham Knight, the last title of the Arkham series (for now, at least). With a wide open Gotham to explore, and with a giant focus on the Batmobile, the people at Rocksteady decided to take the opportunity to fill the map up completely with the little riddles, with a good chunk of them being locked behind obtuse puzzles that you almost certainly need a guide to get.

With trophies entirely dependent on certain gadgets that aren't mandatory for the main story, the Batmobile needing to be used in a million different ways that may not make sense, and the sheer volume of them will guarantee that they will be the absolute last thing you do in the game, and will guarantee to give you a migraine.

This is why the Riddler is Batman's greatest villain.


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