11 Former Wii U Exclusives The Nintendo Switch Can Save

10. Mario Party 10

Nintendo Switch

Not everybody loves Mario Party. Some call it gimmicky. Some think the board designs play slower than Monopoly. But it's a game that nonetheless will be a perfect match for Switch.

With two Joy-Cons already built into the system itself, multiplayer gaming sessions can be started immediately with no extra hassle. Heck, even four player play would be possible if it used a pass the controller approach. Or there's the option of system link between two machines.

Basically, Mario Party 10 could be ported across and take a similar approach to the 3DS' The Top 100 - or create a remaster/anthology collection of Mario Parties. A remix of content from prior instalments would certainly make it worthwhile for long-time fans, drawing in newcomers, too.

Sales surpassed the 2 million mark on Wii U so there's proven appeal. It's got mass market appeal and can be played in fairly short bursts, featuring a cast of instantly recognizable characters - all great for on-the-go gaming.


Bryan Langley’s first console was the Super Nintendo and he hasn’t stopped using his opposable thumbs since. He is based in Bristol, UK and is still searchin' for them glory days he never had.