12 Characters That Should Return In The Next Mortal Kombat Game

12. Tanya

Tanya debuted in Mortal Kombat 4 and almost never came to be. It turns out that she was initially planned for this instalment but was cut to make way for a new character; a theme that ran deep during development of the fourth numbered entry of the franchise. Although she has only appeared in two games (though we're really only counting two, as practically everyone returned for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon), Tanya has mustered up a decent fanbase since her inception, largely thanks to her returning spot in MK: Deception, where the developers would begin to add some depth to her initial contribution. Tanya is single-handedly the most devious and treacherous bitch in the history of the franchise. She has either betrayed or as she would put it, 'survived' her way through the days of Shinnok, the Deadly Alliance and the 'Dragon King' Onaga, by backstabbing everyone and aligning with the force who has the most power at the given time. It would be her that would set the events of Mortal Kombat 4 in motion by deliberately allowing Shinnok entry to her home realm of Edenia. Did we mention she has an affinity for the dark arts and black magic too? Surely there is some endearment to see her return with an emphasis on her sorceress archetype. Bring forth mystical projectiles with combos imbued and accentuated by only the darkest of sorcery. A character with such a deceptive nature could spell an interesting play-style if executed well - MK: Deception paid tribute to this with her gleaming white eyes and flowing hair. She could prove an interesting choice for a future instalment given the mysticism of the series.

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