12 Worst Video Games Of 2022

10. IKAI

Babylon's Fall

For all of IKAI's faults, this Japanese folklore title starts strong. The tense atmosphere and looming threat of the yokai (Japanese monsters) leaves the player with the jitters from the get-go. There's such a heavy emphasis on the dangers of dark spirits, you're compelled to explore and learn new rituals to protect yourself. Even though there are some inconsistencies and forced jump-scares, you stick with IKAI, assuming all the plot threads will culminate into one big pay-off.

But after an hour, something very peculiar happens. IKAI doesn't get bad... it just ends. Just when you feel like the story is about to take an interesting turn, it swiftly cuts to the credits, with almost nothing resolved.

What's worse is the climax seems to create a wide range of plot-holes. IKAI's brevity dilutes the gaming experience so much, the most positive reviews can't help using words like "fizzled" and "anticlimactic" to describe it.

If you were enjoying IKAI up until the final moments, you'll still can't feel cheated when you realised you paid full-price for a game that feels more like a glorified demo.


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