12 Worst Video Games Of 2022

9. MX VS ATV Legends

Babylon's Fall
Rainbow Studios

MX VS ATV All-Out was ripped apart by critics for its unpolished gameplay, boring tracks, catatonic AI, and onslaught of bugs. Because this instalment was universally panned, Rainbow Studios should've taken that criticism onboard to ensure they didn't make the same mistakes for the sequel.

Although MX VS ATV Legends is a slight improvement, many problems are still present, while others have regressed. No matter what system you play Legends on, the frame-rate stutters non-stop. The controls repeatedly fail to register your inputs, meaning you'll constantly crash, through no fault of your own. Even though there are many vehicles to unlock, you'll have little incentive to do so, since they all have the same stats. If you go off-course and respawn back onto the track, your opponents will have moved so far ahead of you, it's virtually impossible to catch up.

The graphics may be sharper, but that's not good enough. It's like slapping a bit of paint on a car with no engine, and expecting it to work. If you don't give it the tools it needs, you're not going anywhere.

Despite the fact Legends is a little better than All-Out, it feels worse, since Rainbows Studios knew precisely what problems they needed to address, but chose not to.


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