15 Famous Video Game Tattoos (And What They Actually Mean)

14. Agent 47 - Hitman

Agent 47's famous barcode is a permanent reminder that he's a product; a cold, clean killing machine that carries its job out with unquestioning efficiency. The barcode also says something to us gamers. With the exception of Absolution, the Hitman series always prioritised mission design over story, and the only significant thing you had to know about 47 was the meaning of that barcode that faced you every time you played the game. 47's barcode is more unique than one you'd find on, say, a carton of milk or a pair of chicken breasts at the supermarket. 47 is one among hundreds of identical assassins genetically engineered by the Agency, and those two little numbers at the end of his barcode are all that distinguishes him from every other agent they created. Hitman's barcode may have deadly connotations in the game world, but it was discovered a few years ago that in real life it corresponds to something altogether more innocuous. Use your phone to scan 47's barcode, and - absolutely unbelievably - you go straight to the Amazon product page for "Drawstring Double Dong Dildo Bag In Starry Night Blue". With this silly association now tarnishing 47's name, could it be time for us to retire him and move onto Agent 48? Maybe we should check to make sure that the '48' barcode doesn't also point to some form of sex toy storage...
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