15 Famous Video Game Tattoos (And What They Actually Mean)

13. Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem 3D

Ever the embarrassing 90s jokester, the Duke offsets his dark feelings of existential dread by either killing aliens, or making outdated jokes, or ideally both at the same time. So when he spots a photocopier in the police station, he does what any self-disrespecting office lad would do - pulls down his trousers, plonks his bare cheeks on the glass, and hits the big button. But the resulting scan reveals something intriguing branded onto Duke's oddly effeminate nukems - a heart tattoo with the name 'Lani' on it. Does the Duke actually have a true love he's never wanted to reveal to the world? Is he really a one-woman man who's just filling his loneliness with subservient women he rescues from aliens? While the name 'Lani' appears in several Duke Nukem games, it's never elaborated upon in-game. Instead, it's thought to be an in-joke referring to Lani Minella - a voice actress who did a lot of work for the series.
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