15 Greatest Ever Video Game Anti-Heroes

Moral ambiguity never looked so good.

Warner Bros. Interactive

Everyone loves a hero. They show up, kick ass, defeat evil and get the love interest in the end. They don't take shortcuts, don't kill for immoral reasons and always strive to be the ideal protagonist. As admirable as this all may be, it can't help but get a bit boring.

Sometimes a good villain will pull people in just as easily as a good hero. Everyone loves the Joker despite is psychotic murder sprees purely because of how interesting and charismatic he is.

But what if we combine the two?

The antihero has long been a favourite of all entertainment mediums: Film, television, video games, comic books, wrestling etc.

George R.R. Martin made an entire universe of morally ambiguous characters and it is now seen as one of the greatest shows in the history of TV. There seems to be an undeniable longing to see the bad boy just do the right thing, or vice versa.

The gaming industry has seen many legendary antiheroes entertain the player for hours, whether it is an antihero that is a preset character or in more open-ended games where you can choose to be an antihero. Sometimes the best antiheroes are the sidekicks to the protagonist. We all love a character that just can't seem to keep their hands clean.

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