15 Hotly-Anticipated Nintendo Switch Games Coming In 2017

Justifying the Switch's existence, one game at a time.

Super mario odyssey

Whether you're one of the hundreds of thousands of people who just picked up a Nintendo Switch or are watching its release cycle with baited breath - one thing's clear: Nintendo are somewhat struggling to put together a list of games that will instantly wow a mainstream audience.

There are certainly a bevy of titles to play if you take the time to seek them out, alongside some system-selling features that allow the Switch to operate independently of the competition, but if we're talking word on the street, it's that Nintendo's latest hardware is pretty much "A Zelda console." And whilst Breath of the Wild might just be the finest game of the generation so far, the brass tacks of selling a machine off one game and not a whole lot in the pipeline just won't do.

To that end, regardless of whether you're already invested in the Switch or will be picking one up later this year, it's worth noting just what notable titles will be available, as although Nintendo pretty much dropped the ball convincing the masses of their wider catalogue, it doesn't mean a breadth of quality isn't there.

Whether they're full exclusives or designed with Switch functionality in mind, each one of these deserves a spot in any owner's library.

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