15 Wrestlers We Can't Believe Were In WWE 2K Video Games

Don't lie, you LOVED playing as General Adnan and Colonel Mustafa as well...

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Damian Lillard Laheem Lillard Dolph Ziggler
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WWE's roster can be best described as a revolving door, a vast pool of talent with only a few interchanging standout performers; it's more than half-full of aimless goobers, in other words.

This also applies to the world of WWE video games. With every new release, be it the latest 2K offering or an old THQ classic, the playable roster is a mixed bag at the best of times, with infamous inclusions including the commentary trio of Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, and Michael bloody Cole and his God-awful fluorescent orange singlet in WWE 12, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst in WWF SmackDown!: Just Bring It, and Head in WWF Attitude.

You'd think that with such a bloated roster, these roster spots wouldn't be required. THQ actually expected players to pay real-life money to play as Lawler, Ross, and Cole in a game that hit shelves the same year as that ludicrous rivalry.


It hasn't been much better since 2K took the reins in 2013. There's not been anything on the level of Fred Durst and Head but in their absence has been Ribbie, the golden AJ Styles, and Colonel Sanders.

That famous WWE Superstar Colonel Sanders.

And this lot...

15. Damian Lillard

WWE 2K Battlegrounds Damian Lillard Laheem Lillard Dolph Ziggler
2K Games

Featured games: WWE 2K Battlegrounds.

It'll be three years this September since the ill-fated WWE All Stars ripoff 2K Battlegrounds was released - and still to this day, no one has a single clue as to why Damian Lillard was added to the roster.

Lillard, the iconic point guard of the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, was added to the roster - alongside Rhea Ripley, the Boogeyman, and a Halloween circus-themed arena - as 'Laheem Lillard' for reasons that were never explained outside of his love of sports entertainment. In-game, the seven-time NBA All Star wore a white and gold variant of the Adidas Dame 7 Ric Flair sneakers; he sadly did not sport any official Trail Blazers gear.

Celebrities in WWE video games isn't a new thing. The likes of Mike Tyson and Arnold Schwarzenegger have been pre-order bonuses, being joined by Bad Bunny as the WWE 2K23 pre-order exclusive - but never to the level where the player is left questioning why they were included or, worse off, wondering who it is. WWE's roster was changing by the month in 2020, so it was possible that the player simply missed a two-week NXT call-up for Damian Lillard's second-removed cousin Laheem.

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