16 Video Games That Would Make Perfect Animated Movies

Live-action adaptations have always failed - it's time to play to some of gaming's strengths.

Fast forward 35 or so years from the chip-tune 2D days to the industry of today, and there's definitely been more of a push towards increasingly realistic games. But while that style has more or less become the norm, there are numerous titles which have evolved to present highly detailed art styles reminiscent of the same qualities one might expect from animated TV shows or feature films. While many think that live action must be the standard for big movie productions, the truth of the matter is that things like jumping two stories from a standing position or throwing balls of energy around don't always fare well in the transition. As a result, several movies which have tried to adapt video games with such features have wound up compromised. In other cases, it's just a simple matter of what looks good in a cartoon style doesn't look so good in live action, and so, the following are 16 such games that are ready and simply waiting for Hollywood to bring to the big screen as fully animated features. Something to note: Titles have been chosen based on how likely realistic an adaptation could actually be, so that leaves some otherwise great games like Journey - whose wordless story would arguably be completely ruined by Hollywood's belief that nothing without some sort of chatter every 20-30 seconds isn't worth doing - off the list.
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