20 Best Video Games Of 2020

2. The Last Of Us Part II

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Naughty Dog

A risky, powerful extrapolation on the need for revenge, and the exploration of why we give into hateful mentalities so easily. The Last of Us 2 is a sickening rivalry between Ellie and newcomer Abby, but it's also a masterpiece of narrative and game design as one.

Themes of hatred manifest through personal vengeance, but also through portrayals of post-apocalyptic military factions and religious doctrines. It allows Naughty Dog to explore the very idea of human conflict on the micro and macro scale simultaneously, building to a final fight that's genuinely sickening and confrontational in the most memorable way.

The Last of Us 2's subject matter and plot decisions are divisive for a reason. Naughty Dog really don't care about making sure you're comfortable with what's unfolding on screen, and it makes them an essential creative force in gaming overall.

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