20 Best Video Games Of 2020

1. Ghost Of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Where The Last of Us 2 - if we're splitting hairs - does overstay its welcome just a smidge when all's said and done - Sucker Punch's long-awaited new IP is an absolute knockout.

From awesome stance-switching combat to experimental gadget-based stealth and a powerful, memorable story that arguably lands with some of the same weight as The Last of Us 2, the game's overall structure should be championed too.

Because Sucker Punch have thought of everything, when it comes to making the best open world game possible. Main missions and side missions can be tackled in any order, with dialogue reflecting what you chose to do and who to do it with. This frees up the restraints of having to thunder through the "main campaign" and reinforces the story of one person doing as much as they can to save their homeland.

Writing haikus, playing the flute, learning how to fight, dying your armour, petting foxes - you really do want to protect this land from invaders that seek to destroy it and its people.

The exploration of how much Jin Sakai has to become the titular "Ghost of Tsushima" for the sake of the greater good is one of the finest stories to come out of the eighth generation. At every level, Sucker Punch have crafted an immaculate, stunning and thoroughly recommendable experience.


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