20 Most Embarrassing Video Game Moments Since 2000

20. The Ouya's Disastrous Marketing & Specifications

There was a time back in 2012 when the Ouya seemed like it had a bright future. Its Kickstarter was one of the most successful at the time, becoming one of the few to raise over one million dollars. Not to mention it was the quickest ever to reach the milestone. In the end, it had the backing of over 60,000 people and had raised $8.5 million.

However, the high points of the Ouya seemingly end with the Kickstarter campaign. It was a home console that cost a measly $99, and yet somehow that still felt overpriced. What was supposed to sell it was that the idea of giving small developers the ability to make games out the box, as every console was also a dev kit. Most game developers just looked the other way though, and no big names were ever tied to its promotion.

The word "console" should also be taken with a grain of salt. The Ouya was no console as you're used to. It had nowhere near the power of anything in the Xbox, PlayStation or even Nintendo families. It was built on Android hardware, running on a mobile phone processor and playing glorified mobile games. Even then, half the time the mobile games that would run flawlessly on a phone, wouldn't actually hold up on Ouya.

The complete lack of worthwhile content alongside outdated and weak hardware lead to the demise of the Ouya in 2015, when the software was sold to Razer, just two years after it hit shelves.


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