40 Best Supporting Video Game Characters Ever

10. Amanda Evert €“ Tomb Raider Legend and Underworld

*SPOILERS* Amanda is a girl with a chip on her shoulder €“ well make that a whole potato harvest on her shoulder. Feeling abandoned by Lara Croft after being abandoned by Lara Croft, she basically sets out to acquire power in any manner possible and if she can destroy our Tomb Raiding heroine in the meantime, then all the better. Good counter point to Lara throughout giving us an enemy we can really believe in. Did we mention that she also controls a massive demon thing, which she uses to try to murder old Crofty? Well, she does.

9. Nigel West-Dickens €“ Red Dead Redemption

*SPOILERS* One of the best things about West €“Dickens is that he is totally full of shit. He is a snake oil salesman of the highest order and has you running around conning the poor prospect-less people of New Austen, without a shade of shame to be found in his heart. He does come good however, when he helps you kit out his travelling horse cart as a super armoured, machine gun loaded tank to kill a shed load of bad guys with. Some of the missions you do with West-Dickens are the most fun of the whole game and usually the only person who benefits is him.

8. Maximillian Roivas €“ Eternal Darkness: Sanity€™s Requiem

*SPOILERS* If you haven€™t played Eternal Darkness, then get off of your damned computer, go to your local games retailer and demand a Nintendo Gamecube and a copy of this game NOW! Forget fast moving, hard fighting Buffy style bad assery during the Max chapter of the game, this guy can€™t fight, can€™t run and can€™t hold it together for shit. And that is why he is so awesome. It would be like what would happen if we were suddenly dumped in the game, just completely out of place and unlikely to come out victorious in a fight with a dead hedgehog €“ damn those spines! He does quite well though for all his faults and actually discovers the city that exists under his mansion€before killing some innocent people, burning their bodies and eventually being carted away to an insane asylum. His final words: €œMay the rats east your eyes,€ while he gibbers in a cell€poor guy!

7. The Fuzzles €“ Oddworld: Munch€™s Oddysee

The Fuzzles granted are a race in the Oddworld Universe, but they all act the same so we€™ll shoehorn them into this list as one entity. Cute little balls of fluff taken away and used in science experiments by the evil Vykers, the Fuzzles are adorable€until they show their teeth! They attack in a swarm and tear lumps out of anyone unfortunate enough to have aggrieved them. A powerful message to shampoo companies across the globe.

6. The Agency €“ Crackdown

*SPOILERS* So the Agency is a police force trying to reclaim control of Pacific City from a bunch of gangs that are up to no good, making trouble in the neighbourhood. You the player, help them to achieve this wonderful goal of liberating the populace. Eventually, under the guidance of your superiors you €˜Crackdown€™ the final gang and restore peace and order to the city. Yay€until it turns out that the Agency are in fact a bunch of bad eggs whose idea is to suppress the population under the iron fist of the law and that everything you have done has served to put the poor folk of Pacific City under the control of megalomaniacs. Well done you!
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