5 Characters That Could Be The Final Street Fighter V Character

Guessing the final roster pick, between Sodom and, er, Geki.

Sodom street fighter

It’s a little surprising that Street Fighter V is getting a fifth season, given how Capcom blew their load by including two boss characters at the end of the last season. Nobody knew that a global pandemic was coming, but it’s clear that it disrupted Capcom’s development plans beyond Street Fighter V.

The presentation last night revealed characters, most of whom are not due to appear until next year. It’s all very early days. Capcom confirmed that Street Fighter V’s fifth season will be the last, and announced four of the five characters: Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira.

These four fighters are already a big surprise (who would ever expect a playable Rival Schools character in a Street Fighter game?), but this made us put our thinking cap on. Capcom purposefully kept the final character from us. Who is the last Street Fighter V character? We've some ideas - and have ranked them from least to most likely to appear.


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