7 Reasons EFootball 2022’s Launch Has Been A Disaster And Spells The End Of PES

6. Menus Designs That Actually Hurt Your Eyes

eFootball 2022 Paul Pogba

While the in-game graphics have improved over the years across the series, layouts and designs have never been a strong point for Konami.

For the entire previous generation's lifespan on the PS4 and Xbox One, the menus barely had an overhaul. They were as basic as they could possibly be and looked more like they were from a PlayStation One title.

However, the menus have managed to get considerably worse for eFootball. A colour scheme of blue and bright yellow physically hurts the eyes to look at and makes no sense in a sports title. By contrast, the leading titles in the genre always look stylish and match up to the overall feel of the game.

Set aside the colour choices, the menus are once again large basic boxes that have the look of being designed in two minutes and have been signed off with a 'that will do'.

Konami has clearly done this to try and make the menus stand out, but it looks like a gimmick for attention and falls far off the mark you would expect for a sports game in 2021.


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