7 Shocking Video Game President Cameos You Totally Missed

4. Bill Clinton - Cruis'n USA (Arcade Version)

Obama mercenaries 2

There's an obvious joke about Bill Clinton getting around when it comes to video games, but it's true that for a while it seemed that Billy couldn't keep his sex sax to himself and was making sweet music to a myriad of titles.

Among them, the most notable video game appearances have to be in the NBA Jam series, Ready 2 Rumble 2, and weirdly a strange cameo in Cruis'n USA's arcade release.

Having the member of state slam dunk on you over and over was a completely over the top and off the wall moment, as was seeing the stars from the spangled banner spin around your head, should Bill whomp you with his clattering fists in Ready 2 Rumble 2.

After all that, Cruis'n USA has a cameo that was so raunchy it actually had to be edited out for the console release of the game.

If you complete the title on the arcade version, which sees the race end at The White House the camera which normally pans up to show a farm on the building's roof for some reason, instead shows the same image but with cheeky Billy in a hot tub with two scantily clad women!

Oh, you naughty, nuclear code-losing lad. What's he like, eh?


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