7 Simple Solutions To The Gaming Industry's Biggest Problems

This needs to be a generation for big change.

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It's 2021 and the gaming industry is one hell of a multi-limbed beast.

With Sony and Microsoft vying for position at the top, Nintendo off on their own little island and wondrous one-offs like Google Stadia or the Valve Steam Deck vying for attention, in between are millions of talking points and shared opinions amongst the masses.

Because honestly, the last generation was a bit of a tire fire.

The advent of loot boxes and microtransactions, segmented story chunks offered as paid DLC. Free-to-play titles price-gouging for essential assets - or just fact we hit a scale of production that fundamentally doesn't line up with the majority of publishers' release dates, seeing more broken and buggy titles per week than ever before.

Now though, as a new generation finishes its first year - and 2022's lineup looks stratospherically enjoyable - you have to hope those longstanding issues will slowly phase out.

With the tail-end of this generation likely being some all-digital futurescape where Xbox and PlayStation are apps on your smart TV, here's what the industry needs to change for all those other qualms to fade away.

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