8 Best Nintendo Switch Launch Games - Ranked

"What else is there to play other than Zelda?" Quite a lot, actually...

Fast RMX

After quite the PR campaign that ebbed and flowed in equal measure, Nintendo's new industry-shaking Switch has finally arrived. The world's first 'portable home console' has thus far seen some pretty solid reviews - save for a terrible 'de-synching' issue that happens when even a finger gets in the way of the left Joy-Con, anyway - at least letting Nintendo start out on far better footing than with the Wii U.

To that end, the hardware executes on its 'TV-to-handheld-and-back-again' ethos perfectly, yet despite such a solid showing of technical ability, we've seen little in the way of actual games to back that up. Yes, Zelda is magnificent, but you'd be forgiven for thinking there was almost nothing else worth writing about, home or otherwise.

Indeed, Nintendo are yet to mend all their third-party relationships which remain so fragile following the disastrous Wii U, but that doesn't mean there aren't a bevy of phenomenal games worth picking up alongside Breath of the Wild.

Keep in mind that fancy rendering tech and 4K resolutions do not a good game make, as the Switch's lineup is made up of many fantastic titles that feel right at home, regardless of mainstream pull or jaw-dropping graphics.

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