8 Best Secret Bosses In Video Games You MUST Find

After trying to beat some of these bosses you might wish they stayed a secret.


There’s no better feeling than completing level after level and FINALLY coming to that one boss fight you’ve been working towards.

But what about the bosses that aren’t waiting for you to work your way through the game?

Franchises from Mortal Kombat to Mario have included secret bosses, and gamers have dedicated hours to tracking them down. It’s always fun when you stumble upon a secret boss, and normally they have a cool reward like a high-powered weapon or a new skill.

At the very least, you get a sense of achievement and some bragging rights. And really, isn’t that reward enough?

Secret bosses can be great, but then again, they can suck. You know the ones, the spend three hours searching the map only to look up an internet guide and yet you STILL can’t find them kind of ones. Or the level 99 boss you find at level 12, kills you instantly and sends you right back to your last save point ones.

Love them or hate them, secret boss encounters can be some of the most memorable experiences in gaming.

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