8 Nintendo Video Game Movies We NEED To See

6. Star Fox

Metroid dread
Ubisoft & Nintendo

Star Fox was actually going to get a Netflix series at one point.

CollegeHumor was working with Shigeru Miyamoto on a show based on the games, but after another Netflix series based on The Legend of Zelda got leaked, Nintendo lost trust in Netflix and stopped production of both.

If only some guy kept their mouth shut, we could be living in a reality with both a Star Fox and Zelda series.

Whilst that show could have been great, Star Fox could also work well as a film.

For something like Star Fox to work as a movie that would appeal to more than just Star Fox fans, it'd most likely have to be a straight-up comedy. The movie could still contain the crew drama that makes up a surprising amount of the Star Fox story, but it's probably best if a Star Fox movie doesn't take itself too seriously most of the time.

It would have to hit a nice balance similar to something like Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie needs to make us fall in love with the crew by making them funny before hitting us with a gut punch about how Slippy Toad hates himself or something.

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